A time away

There are many reasons why someone would need to break out of the usual routine. Even the usual holiday routine. Be a special time of rest, a time to retreat and focus on God for guidance, or simply because you want to go somewhere you usually don't.
We would love to offer a place for you to do all that.


A place to rest

As Missionaries we need a time of rest just like everyone else does. But often this is it not easy. When we visit family and friends it is always a great time. But more often than not it also is a busy and sometimes even stressful time. Many appointments, speaking engagements, lots of travelling, and all of a sudden it is time to head back to our mission field.
Yet, we need to find a place where we can rest. Sitting down, doing nothing, relaxing, enjoying long walks, seeing new places. Doing things we wouldn't do otherwise in order to regain physical strength.

Guest flat

We might just have exactly the place you are looking for.
We have a spacious and fully equipped guest flat, your own hiding place if you need it. You can come on over to chat and eat with us, sit in the garden to relax, or you can do day trips to many scenic and historic places.

If you are interested or if you want to sponsor a holiday for a missionary, please contact us for more details.

A place to pray

Are you looking for a place where you can retreat to to spend time with God? You might look for a place where you can connect with fellow Christians but still a place where you can spend time alone. We have that and so much more.
A lot of history was made in this area. For example the translation of the Bible into German by Martin Luther or the birth of one of the greatest Christian composer and musician, Johann Sebastian Bach. This area is a place to dig deep into some big things God has done in history.

Please contact us for more details.


A period of withdrawal, alone, as family, or group, to pray, meditate, study, seek God, get guidance.

If that is what you need, please contact us. We might have the right place for you.